Selling or Trading Books

Covid-19 Update:

Until further notice, we can only accept 10 books from each customer group, and the books will be quarantined for 72 hours before processing

We are always buying books. We give 50% the price we determine for the book in trade credit or 25% in cash – a check will be given if your total is over $40. Cash is not given for romance novels. Books can be dropped off any time we are open (week days are preferable) and we ask that you bring in no more than 3 boxes or 4 bags at a time. Usually we will have your books processed within 24-48 hours. Books we do not take can be returned to you, or you can choose to have them donated.

What we don’t take

• Encyclopedias

• Textbooks

• Ex-Library Books

• Reader’s Digest Condensed Books

• Audiobooks on Cassette Tape

• Magazines/Newspapers

• Movies

• Music

We may decline books due to

• Condition

• Duplicate Inventory

• Demand

Trade credit is divided in to 5 categories:


        • Can be used for any books in the store.


        • Can be used for any paperback books, whether fiction or non-fiction.


        • Can be used for any fiction books, whether hardback or paperback.


        • Can be used only for paperback fiction books.


        • Can be used for any paperback fiction books.
        • NOTE: Cash is not given for romance novels.